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Chinese lanterns aglow in a summer garden


To a GI (genuine Ilocano), the warm, colorlful Chinese lantern-like green and ripe mix of paria hanging from the arbor of green paria vines in the middle of summer and those million tiny yellow flowers individually sitting on tendril-like filaments, each swinging playfully when the flowers are buzzed by  honeybees from dawn to dusk–well, the view is absolutely a mesmerizing feast for the eyes.  You could almost see the ripe fruits glow or hear their laughter when they burst open with their teeth-like red-coated seeds which eventually fall to the earth and sleep there through the sometimes harsh winter and, in late spring as if by clockwork, reawaken and begin the process of rebirth.

Pinacbet, anyone? Or ginisa with mungo beans teased by a sprinkling of shrimps or succulent lechon, bagnet you say?  Chicken tinola with tender paria leaves–ah, that soup is all the therapy you need to feel reborn and energized!

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